The employee administration is located in the menu "My company" under "Employees".

The employee administration has three tabs: 

1. All employees

Here you can find all your employees and filter them by 

  • role
  • department 
  • name and email address. 

The invited/registered users listed will not show any feedback or usage information and is only for management purposes (add, delete, change roles, department, etc..). 

2. Invite employees

To invite a single employee, you can use the Invite new employees tab.
It's sufficient to have an email address, the department which the employee belongs to and to select a role for the user. 

3. Bulk Invitation

If you have a list of employees, let's say you want to invite 100 people from 6 different departments, you should use the bulk invite, which enables you to invite a large quantity of people at once. 

To do this, you can simply select a department and copy and paste email addresses from a .xls file or other lists into the field. 

On the right side you will see wether your employees have been invited or there was an issue doing this. 

Note:  To invite people into departments, you should create a company structure in the department management before.

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