Once invited to CompanyMood, your employees will receive a regular reminder by email or push message (Apps) to help you identify the work climate and the reasons.

The CompanyMood mood evaluation can be done by browser (web/intranet), mobile apps (Android, iOS) or by terminals (tabletstands).

Your employees will be able to submit a detailed feedback within 30 seconds. The mood evaluation is based on 2 steps and is as simple as it could be.  

1. How is your mood?  

2. What is the reason for your mood?  

This 2 steps allow real insight in the companies work climate and detailed reasons at the same time.

The first review reflects the overall work climate based on our smiley rating.  

The second step defines the reasons which lead to the mood

They will be gathered and analyzed in the reason-tag area. This way, reasons can be reviewed separately from the overall mood and show a development and trend as well.

You want to know more?
We are available for you  by phone (+49 6831 - 516 89 13) or email (support@company-mood.com) at any time.

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