The voting interval can be setup taking in consideration individual company culture and your resources for CompanyMood.

Weekly from monday to sunday 

As for the most office environments the working week ends on fridays, we want employees of all branches to be able to review their working week. Many industries like transport/logistic, healthcare, production facilities, gastronomy and retail stores, includes saturdays and sundays in their working week. Additionally many companies have employees in both areas, which requires the working week to include all days of the week.

To make sure every employee can review the week, we ask for a mood review on thursday (notification) and friday (reminder) once per week. However the days, time  and the whole cycle of the mood review can be changed. 

Changing from weekly to other time frames 

You can change your mood review cycles in the Administration -> Mood barometer.
It is possible to change the voting intervall to:

  • weekly 
  • 2 or 3 weekly
  • monthy
  • 2 or 3 monthly

As for the many different requirements and strategical use cases CompanyMood is used in companies around the world, a change can be useful for your usecase. However you should take in consideration, that a higher frequency will increase the pressure on the responsible persons to work with the feedback and present results and maybe measures to react on the feedback.

What employees expect

To satisfy the employees expectations for the outcome of a weekly mood review, it will be perfect to present and discuss the results with your team once a month. We suggest to gather the information of a month (filter by month and export a pdf) and present the most mentioned topics, overall mood and maybe some selected comments (which should not give any hint to the person).
In average the effort to read, analyse and present the feedback, will be 1-2 hours per month for an executive with 40 people (in average).

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