The role employee empowers registered users to participate in the weekly mood review. Every employee can send anonymous or transparent feedback from the suggestion box at any time. Employees can see their submited reviews and the overall mood and most mentioned reasons of their department. Further there is the possibility to participate in measure of the change management, if the employee has been invited to collaborate. 

Department Management (from basic plan onwards) 

The role department manager is made for executives, teamleads and division managers, who are responsible for a department, business area or a team. A department manager receives the weekly report and can see all data (anonymous or depending on the mode transparent) of his/her department. If a department includes subdepartments, this data is visible too. There is no limitation for the amount of department managers in one department or business area.


The admin role has all rights within CompanyMood. An admin can invite employees, see payments and invoices, export reports, change roles and see all areas. The admin role is optimized for responsible persons from the IT, directors or the HR department.


The supervisor role has been created for persons, who need to overview all results and data in real time and want to login without participating in the weekly mood review. This role may be interesting for external consultants, stakeholders, analysts and the board of directors, which acts more as observer and don't wanto to influence the mood reviews. Because of the missing particiation in the mood reviews, a supervisor is not included in the participation statistics. A supervisor has the same rights as an admin.

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