With our Change Management, we are taking a neccesary step to complete the feedback process for companies.

Operational measures can be planned, tracked and documented with CompanyMood. Each action can be linked to single departments or the whole company and is automatically communicated to the involved teams. Responsibles and executives save time communicating their change management measures and at the same time, it will drastically lower the effort of documentation duty for legal purposes (health and safety hazards)  and reporting towards the human resources department.  

All actions at a glance

All administrators and department managers will find the new area named Change Management in the main menu.

The creation of a measure is easy and requires only the most important data:

  • name and description of the measure
  • progress: 0 - 100%
  • phase: idea/planned/etc..
  • responsible person (creator)
  • participating persons (employees/executives)
  • topic areas/reason-tags
  • involved departments: department(s) or whole company
  • chat/exchange

The chat helps to communicate information within the team and will support exchange and participation for the measure.

Organization inspired by Kanban

Sort the created measures per drag and drop from left to right to define a phase of realization and from top to bottom to priorize them.

Who can see a measure? 

Once created, only the responsible person and the involved persons can see a measure in detail and can participate in the internal discussion by chat.
The responsible person (administrator or executive) is the creator of a measure. Further it's possible to invite "involved" persons (admin, executives or employees), who can access all measure details and work on them, like changing the progress and phase, upload files, participate in the chat and publish announcement.

Communicate action 

Comments within the measure, which are sended with the "Public announcement!" checkbox checked.

It will appear on the dashboard of each employee, which is within the measures involved departments (departments or whole company). This public announcement will publish the written comment (on the right) and with it, the measure informations as the name, description, progress and phase (on the left). 

Employee feedback for measures and annoucement

Once a measure and the statement are published, every person in the involved department can review an announcement with a thumb up/down rating. This feedback indicates wether an announcement was accepted or not and offers real-time feedback on your decisions.

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